Guillaume at Bennelong.

Guillaume at Bennelong is due to close at the end of year, and it’s always sad to see a nice restaurant close. Time was ticking and my birthday was a good enough excuse to go.

Guillaume at Bennelong

I was greeted warmly by the waitress upon entering, complete with the gorgeous view and interior seating. But of course, it was going to be dark. Dim lighting is meant to be romantic i know, but let’s be honest, it’s really awful for food and people photos.
Guillaume at Bennelong

Menus were ready and I was excited, but it doesn’t take me or should i say, we, to long to figure out on what to order.

Guillaume at BennelongGuillaume at BennelongGuillaume at BennelongGuillaume at Bennelong

Dining in a group means you can be less boring and get different dishes each. It was a seafood theme for entrees, freshly shucked oysters, spanner crab, in-house smoked salmon and a local rock fish soup. Starting off with light and refreshing, soon to progress into something more substantial. I ordered the spanner crab but the in-house smoked salmon served with caviar and brioche, was probably the favourite order on the table. My guess is that if you like fish you’d probably like smoked salmon, besides, i haven’t met a smoked salmon dish that i didn’t like.

Guillaume at BennelongGuillaume at BennelongGuillaume at BennelongGuillaume at Bennelong

The more substantial items continued with all kinds of meat of Pork belly served with lentil salad, Wagyu beef, Mulloway and lamb. From memory, i remember hearing praises about the wagyu beef and pork belly, but it’s been a long while since so much of the detail has already escaped me. I do remember most of this part was spent eating in silence so i will take that as a sign that the food was good. If food is good, there is no much time or the need for conversation inbetween.

Guillaume at Bennelong

By this point i’ve had enough of the dim “romantic” lighting, the camera seemed useless so out came the iPhone. The creamy potato mash and a side of greens also comes out to match with our meat.

Now to my most memorable part of the meal, dessert. I’m not much of a sweet tooth but the desserts were surprisingly the standout and my favourite course. Eating with a small group also meant that i could be greedy and we ordered everything. Nougat glace, trio of sorbet, Poached pear, Vanilla creme brulee and a platter of cheese, give me all of it.
Guillaume at Bennelong

Nougat Glace, serve with peanuts and caramel icecream. Too much of a good thing is always a good thing. This was my favourite dessert dish.

Guillaume at BennelongGuillaume at Bennelong

Both the Poached pear served with Valrhona chocolate sauce and Vanilla Creme Brulee were equally as good as each other. Spoonfuls after the next, it was very good especially for something that i wouldn’t usually order.

Guillaume at Bennelong

To balance out the sweetness, dessert of a savoury kind arrives with a selection of cheese partially also because we really did order one of everything. But i usually like cheese platters and this one had a good selection however tonight’s focus was more on sweets, in particular, on the Nougat Glace.

Guillaume at Bennelong

The dinner felt progressive from good to excellent, ending on a something sweet. Birthdays are always good excuses for anything, especially going out to eat.


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