If you like cafe food then most likely you’ve heard of Bills, famous for their corn fritters, fluffy ricotta hotcakes, creamy scramble and long waits in line. On the weekend there are guaranteed long waits, and even on weekdays it’s very popular with both locals and tourists alike, so if you want to avoid the wait its better to visit on a weekday.


For me personally, Bills was the first real cafe experience i’ve tried. My first visit was probably three to four years ago but i still remember the first time i had their deliciously creamy scramble. Until this day i still think Bills has one of the Sydney’s best egg scrambles and corn fritters.


After having tried their famous signature dishes from previous visits, we decided to try items we’ve never ordered before.


We ordered the two “Soft Boiled Eggs with buttered soldiers” accompanied with a side of cured ocean trout, and the “Crab, Chorizo and Kim chee fried brown rice”.


Fried brown rice for breakfast? Compared to the other breakfast menu items of eggs, the Crab, Chorizo and Kim Chee fried brown rice was definitely something that stood out. From memory, i dont remember seeing this on their menu previously, but it’s an interesting option for anyone who wanted more of an Asian styled breakfast. As a breakfast dish, it still had eggs, meat for protein and brown rice for a dose of complex carbs.

The only complaint made was that there wasnt enough crab meat which came in very thin shreds rather than small chunks of crab meat. It was a good dish but for the price, we were expecting more. Otherwise, its a fragrant dish and the crunchy house made kimchee in particular is very refreshing.


The next dish was the Two soft boiled organic eggs served with buttered soldiers and a side of cured ocean trout. With something so simple, the only thing i was hoping for was a runny egg. As simple as it sounds, i’ve had disappointing experiences ordering poached or soft boiled eggs that arrived fully cooked.


The one at Bills passed the egg test and it was perfectly cooked with the egg white cooked and the yolk still runny. However i wished the egg had been at least half peeled to save me from the struggle but i will admit im just lazy.

And here are two photos from my previous visits of their famous Corn fritters and Ricotta hotcakes:


Other than the long weekend waits, the restaurant itself provides a really comfortable atmosphere to relax in. The service is always usually good along with their food.


On a completely random ending note (which may come off as extremely strange), i also like the fact that they use Aesop handwash and lotion in their bathroom. Attention to detail is important and i much prefer this over the usual strange pink coloured liquid hand wash in most other restrooms.

It’s been a while since Bills and i’ve visited here and there over the years. I’m still a fan and if you haven’t been it should be on your list. I’ve been consistently impressed and it has a well deserved reputation.

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  1. I’ve heard so much about Bill’s. I’m not sure why I haven’t been but have heard so much about those corn fritters and ricotta hot cakes! Think the trek is a bit too far for me that’s all :( shame really

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