Clipper Cafe


Clipper Cafe in Glebe was one of those cafes that i’ve been meaning to try for a while, but it always seems to have a line on the rare occasion i pass by. I’m far too impatient to wait in line and I’m never in that area much, so my visit was very much delayed. However, it seems to be quite popular in particular with the surrounding uni students with some even exclaiming that it is their favourite cafe, so when i happened to be in the area i decided to stop by for a quick late lunch.


I arrived past the usual lunch hour so luckily for me there was no wait. I’m also a big fan of all day breakfast menus so i was pleased to see that they offered one with so many choices. After much deliberation, we decided to be boring and we both went for baked eggs, one with chorizo and the other mushroom, served with herb toast.

After a friendly chat to the waitress (who turned out to be a classmate of my friend) our coffee and tea arrived first with our meals following shortly after.

Digging in, I was pleased to see that the eggs were still runny, cooked in a tangy tomato sauce with plenty of mushrooms on top. It was very simple and served in a generous portion. Although it was cold by the time i picked it up, the herb bread was deliciously fragrant and crunchy, which can be used to clear up the remaining sauce. In my honest opinion, food is good here and service is friendly, but it was abit underwhelming for me. Everything is kept simple and food was cooked well but it wasnt anything particularly special that i would be willing to wait in line for. Although for future reference, one of my friends highly recommended the ham and egg or banana bread so it might be worth the try another time.


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