Le Monde Cafe

For some reason, the weather forecast app is almost always unreliable. It either doesnt feel like its the temperature its meant to be at or somehow decides to update itself by the time its too late. On this particular occasion, the weather said it would be hot and sunny but forgot to say that it would be windy. Very windy. By the time i had arrived for breakfast, my hair was in an absolute mess but luckily i decided last minute to not wear a dress, which ended up saving me from a lot of embarrassment.

Le Monde

My friend’s requirements for our breakfast catch up was to find a place which was close by which served good food and coffee. Neither of us really felt like walking up a big hill so this is how we ended up at Le Monde Cafe. My past two experiences with this cafe had left a good impression so i decided to revisit again.

Le Monde

Our breakfast started off well with both good service and coffee. The waitress was so polite and our coffees were well made.

Le Monde

The food came out shortly after our coffees with our orders of the Vege Omelette and Potato Rosti special. If you’re feeling particularly hungry you would be pleased to know that portions are very generous here.

Le Monde

My vege omelette arrived  filled with an assortment of zucchini,pumpkin,mushrooms and onions. Although, the plating for it was lacking visually, taste wise it was good and surprising extremely filling from all the vegetables.

Le Monde

A better example would be the Potato Rosti, which arrived as a stack of potato with bacon, sauteed spinach, feta served with pistachio and hollandaise sauce. Taste wise it was delicious but my friend had a hard time struggling to finish the large portion of food.

Le Monde

Overall, Le Monde checked all of our requirements for breakfast with friendly and efficient service aswell as great food. A good spot to return to for coffee and generous portions for the times that i’m feeling particularly hungry.


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