Melbourne: Golden Fields

To say that i ate a lot on my first day in Melbourne, is an understatement. After baked eggs at Hardware Societe, a second coffee at Patricia Coffee Brewers, we headed off to Golden Fields in St Kilda for lunch. My friend swears that they serve the best lobster rolls, and so we ended up here for our “light” third meal of the day.


Golden Fields is a restaurant offering broad selection of food dishes focusing on Asian flavours. The dishes are served as small sharing plates, which was the perfect amount as we were still relatively full from the previous two places. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted with a spacious minimalist interior with a clean decor. I really liked the simple interior design of the restaurant and to the right there was also large marble bar area that overlooks into the open kitchen.
Our orders were taken, cutlery was placed and instead of bread, toasted pumpkin seeds arrived on our table served in a small metal plate. The strangely addictive seeds were good to nibble on and didn’t take up much stomach space, leaving room for the food dishes that were soon to arrive.


The raw cold entrees were first to arrive with fresh oysters, a beautifully presented plate of Duckfish (served with salmon roe, ginger and lime), aswell as the Bonito (served with white miso).


The Bonito is to be eaten with a nori seaweed wrap and dipped in a light ponzu dressing. These were all very light and refreshing dishes before the more substantial hot mains arrive.


Onto the real reason we came here, because my friend is completely obsessed and addicted to their famed lobster rolls (15). The rolls came with cold poached chunks of crayfish meat served with watercress and kewpie mayo, sandwiched between a hot buttered brioche bun. The amusing part of this was while everyone really enjoyed it,  someone mentioned that they could taste a McDonald’s “fillet o fish” taste to it. One or two others also agreed, which leaves me a little confused, but none the less it was still a good lobster roll. There is not much that can go wrong with kewpie mayo combined with fresh generous chunks of crayfish.

Golden FieldsP1010285

By the time the last dishes arrived, we were reaching a really full stage not much to our surprise. The last to arrive was the Glacier Toothfish served with clams, spinach and salted radish (39) aswell as a really deliciously fragrant dish of Wild cultivated mushrooms stir fried in miso butter (16). The mushrooms were really tasty and i would’ve finished the dish alone if i had not been so full.

This was my third stop out of seven on my first day in Melbourne after the Hardware Societe, and Patricia Coffee Brewers. A lot was consumed and still a lot more to go in just a little span of 48 hours.


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