Sushi E.

Japanese food in general is a cuisine based around simple flavoursome fresh ingredients, and over the years it has become one of my favourites, if not my favourite cuisine. Japanese food offers all kinds of delicious healthy options, with most dishes predominantly based around fresh seafood and greens, served with noodles or rice. My love for Japanese food led me to Sushi E for dinner, in search of fresh sashimi and sushi.

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It’s not my first time eating here, but after a few very satisfying and consistent sushi experiences, i have left every time with a good impression. The restaurant itself is small with most of the seats being placed around the sushi bar. There are a few tables on the side which are more suitable for slightly larger groups but I prefer sitting at the bar so i can see the sushi being made fresh. The chefs here cut sashimi and make sushi as you order so nothing is pre made or pre cut. There is definitely a difference between freshly made to order and pre made versions which are usually left sitting in the fridge. Upon visiting, you will notice that the rice is also kept warm and covered in a tub behind the chef so it is kept at the right temperature and not cold. This is already a sign that good food lies ahead.


The first to arrive were the oysters served with salmon roe in ponzu dressing (4.5) along with our hot pot of tea. The oysters were fresh and creamy served and the ponzu dressing complimented this with an acidic hit which was a refreshing light entree to start our dinner.


This was followed by a plate of freshly cut sashimi (large) and much to my delight, it had pieces of beautiful blue tin tuna.


The seaweed salad (14.50) offered here is unsuspectingly good, simple but full of flavour to wet your appetite.


The hot food began with the miso chicken yakitori (16), which was the only yakitori on offer. This was unfortunately the least impressive out of all the dishes, the meat was a bit too dry and was lacking in terms of flavour.


The disappointment with the yakitori is quickly forgotten as the miso cod (34) arrives. Sushi E serves up one of my favourite versions of this dish. The fish is lightly grilled until golden brown and has the right balance between the sweet and right amount of saltiness in the miso marinade. It falls apart in the mouth and doesn’t leave a greasy heavy after taste.


The beef tataki (30) was also another favourite of the evening marinated in a garlic and onion soy dressing. The beef was so incredibly tender and soft.


The nigiri sushi was the last main we ordered and the main reason why we came. I find that in most Japanese restaurants fish is generally quite fresh but the difference is really in the rice, hence why in Japan training takes many years. I wouldn’t call myself an expert by any means, but i’ve had my fair share of sushi to tell the difference and understand it on a basic level. The sushi rice should be correctly portioned to the fish or other ingredient on top for the correct balance between the two. But most importantly, the rice ball should be firm enough to hold together while easily falling apart in the mouth. The temperature of the rice is also important, and i’ve had my share of less than impressive versions in the past where the rice was cold, and sometimes even hard. Luckily for me, the version at Sushi E did not disappoint.


A meal is never really complete with dessert, and the best part about it is that it is complimentary. It is not listed on the menu but is served after you ask for the bill, which i discovered on the first visit there. As far as i’ve gathered, it’s a deliciously light but creamy vanilla bean panna cotta served with a berry coulis. The portion size is also just right especially if you’ve ordered a big meal.

All in all i was very satisfied with my dinner, apart from the irrelevant part where perhaps i got a bit too keen and dropped food on my leather bag. Sushi E remains very high on my list of favourite restaurants and i dont think that this will change anytime soon.


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