Masuya Japanese Restaurant

There are some people who prefer the cold winter season, but after the past month of the miserable cold and rain, i have come to the conclusion that i am definitely not one of them. I find that the cold weather brings out the laziness in me and i find myself not wanting to do much else apart from eating, sleeping and being hopelessly reliant on coffee.


The good news is that Japanese food, being my favourite cuisine, is something i always feel like eating and can always eat at any given time of the year. It’s never too cold for sashimi or sushi, and if you disagree, there are always hot options like hot pots or cooked dishes. The even better news is that it is the season for blue fin tuna and fresh uni (sea urchin). And so we ventured to a familiar favourite, Masuya Japanese Restaurant on the hunt for some fresh seafood.


We ventured into this popular Sydney Japanese Restaurant on a Monday evening around 7pm without a booking, and despite it being early in the week, the restaurant was very full. We were however offered a seat at the sushi bar counter, which turned out to be an even better option as we were able to see all the fresh fish and sushi being prepared.

Before i continue, i must firstly apologise for the photos that lie ahead. Although the restaurant wasn’t dimly lit, the photos did not turn out as well as i had hoped.

Masuya(Sashimi Deluxe)

We started our meal off with hot green tea and platter of the Sashimi Deluxe. All the fish was fresh and the only thing we could complain about was that there was oddly only one oyster and one scampi. This poses a problem to people who like both.

Masuya(Masuya Tuna Salad)

Next up came the Masuya Tuna Salad, which unfortunately was quite underwhelming. It came with a soy thousand island dressing which was a bit sweet for my liking and came separately.

Masuya(Egg roll “sashimi”)

The salad was then followed by my order of egg (tamago). Anyone that knows me or has me on Instagram (eilxrrr_) will without a doubt know about my obsession with egg and anything egg. This was served cold and was quite sweet in taste, labeled under sashimi. There was also a side plate of uni (sea urchin) sushi but the photo is just too hideously yellow and unattractive to post.

Masuya(Miso Yaki Grilled fish)

The Miso Yaki was delicious although it was not the usual cod that i am used to being served. It lay on a bed of red miso and delicious creamy potato mash.

Masuya(Blue Fin Tuna Sushi)

Moving onto the real reason we visited Masuya, to try the seasonal blue fin tuna sushi they had on offer. The photo really doesn’t do the sushi justice but it was definitely worth braving the cold for this. The plate lacked chu toro but both the toro and o toro were both thoroughly enjoyed along with the small bite sized maki rolls were served with pickled radish.

Other dishes i would recommend is ordering the salmon or kingfish wing, or their slightly pricier bentos at lunchtime (as seen on my instagram).


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