Kawa Cafe.

Hello and welcome to my first food post at Kawa Cafe.

One of the best things about finishing exams is being able to have a good brunch on a weekday. This meant that we wouldn’t have to line up or have to fight for a waiter’s attention, and being on Crown St also meant that we were spoilt for choice. Usually deciding on where to go can be a lengthy process, however this time, we were pressed for time and with barely an hour to spare, we decided to go to an old favourite as a safe option. Kawa Cafe is a cute little cafe that offers a large variety of all day breakfast options offering omelettes, smoothies, big breakfasts and vegetarian options.

Kawa Cafe

With time constraints, we were unfortunately quite unimaginative with our orders and we all picked the vegan big breakfast ($16.50) with small variations on each (mine with an added poached egg and my friend ordered two fried eggs on the side). Hot coffees were also ordered along with my friends pot of tea, which was served in a beautiful china teapot.
Kawa Cafe

(English Breakfast tea)

Kawa Cafe Vegan Breakfast

(Vegan big breakfast with poached egg)

One of the benefits to picking big breakfast options is having variety on your plate, and although none of us are vegetarians, we all chose the vegan big breakfast because we loved the choice of sides. It came with mushrooms, baked beans, avocado, pumpkin, wholemeal bread and a hummus dip. The pumpkin was my favourite and one of the reasons why i keep returning, aswell as the deliciously creamy hummus dip which was dangerously addictive with the toasted wholemeal bread. Followed by a ripe slice of avocado, basil roasted tomato and the egg, which was also poached well with a runny yolk and no vinegary taste.
Kawa Cafe Vegan Breakfast

(Vegan big breakfast with a side of two fried eggs)

Here was my friend’s variation with a side of two fried eggs. Another good reason to visit Kawa is also because of their extended hours. Usually after 4pm on Crown, a lot of Surry Hills cafes close and usually stop serving before then. If you’re looking for a quick late afternoon bite, Kawa is an option you can go to because they are still open after 4pm. Here is a picture of what i ordered in my previous visit late afternoon just before 5pm.
Kawa Cafe

The exact name of what we ordered in the previous visit escapes my memory but it was a Mediterranean cold mixed platter served with bread and our two coffees. And to top it off, they have one of the best and creative business cards i’ve seen around.

kawacard“I saw you at Kawa and i think you’re cute”


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  1. What do you take your photos on? Your photos are always crystal clear on Instagram! I love your photos and all the cool places you go, makes me thing there is much more to Sydney.

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